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The Twamley Family {Murrieta, CA}

The Twamley's.  Three of my favorite people....ever.  Loved seeing them for a morning of making memories.


Baby Addison {Moreno Valley, CA}

Baby Addison was wide awake and ready to go, for her newborn session, a couple weeks ago.  She was such a sweet baby girl and I am looking forward to seeing her, and her whole family, again soon for their holiday session!


Baby Chelsey {Temecula, CA}

Baby Chelsey was just about 2 weeks old when we had her newborn session.  At times she was alert and curious and then she would fall fast asleep.  Her sister Hailey is SOOO excited to be a Big Sister and she was so good with Baby Chelsey.  She knew just how to hold her and even wanted to hold her hand during a diaper change.  She also had a very specific set up that she needed pictures of with her and Chelsey in her room! :)  I was so honored to have these clients call me again when their new addition arrived and I can't wait to see them again soon.

xoxo, Meghan

Robbie & Madison {Murrieta, CA}

I met Robbie & Madison a couple of weeks ago.  Robbie was a handsome and very energetic little boy.  Madison was a quiet sweet little girl.  While Madison was going though wardrobe changes, Robbie was testing my physical fitness level, as I chased him all over.  He was so fun, and as a Mom of all boys, I am no stranger to the energy levels that boys have! :)  We had a great time at the park and I hope to see more of this wonderful family, in the future!  Thank you April!

XOXO, Meghan