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Ashley & Alex {San Diego, CA}

I had the pleasure of being a part of photographing this fabulous wedding and I want to thank the wonderful Megan Plenge of Megan Ann Photography for the having me there!  This wedding was RAD!  The couple, their friends and their families were such a blast!!  Thank you again for having me Megan.  Congrats Ash & Alex!

Dori & Elise {Fallbrook, CA}

Introducing, Dori & Elise.  These little girls were such dolls.  I don't think they stopped smiling and laughing the entire shoot! :)  Their sweet, fun loving and joyful personalities show in every picture and I can't wait to see them again!  Thank you Beth for bringing these precious girls to the Picture Party.  I hope you love their shots!

Daisy Mae & Gage River {Fallbrook, CA}

Daisy Mae & Gage River.  These two little "blueberries" are the best!  I have known them their whole lives and can't believe how they have grown.  Where has the time gone Shel??  They are both so full of energy & sweet are as can be.  Daisy & Gage were the hosts of our picture party a few weeks ago and had a blast running all over exploring the area with their friends!  We did a session last summer on the farm.  Check out this link to see what their family business is all about!

Love you guys!

Bode {Fallbrook, CA}

Meet Bode.  This little guy was so fun to shoot.  He was a little shy at first, but as we walked hand in hand through the park, we warmed right up.   He loved all of the trees and the bridge, and by the time we made it to the playground, he was ready to go!  Thank you Beckie and Ross for coming to the Picture Party.  I hope you enjoy the pictures of your sweet little boy.

Picture Parties are a great way to get updated pictures of your kids, while they play with their friends.  It's fun, relaxed and a perfect spring or summer activity!